IFTR member rates differ according to your country category and employment status.

There are 3 types of membership:

Individual Membership, including a Subscription to TRI (A or B categories)
Student Membership with a Subscription to TRI
Student Membership without a Subscription

For Individual members there are two fee levels:
Band A is for higher income countries.
Band B covers countries classed by the World Bank as ‘low income' and 'lower-middle income’ and members from these countries benefit from reduced rates.

Individual Member:
The annual subscription for Individual Members is € 75 (Band A).
For members in qualifying countries the annual subscription is € 25 (Band B).

Yearly membership includes a subscription to Theatre Research International plus online access to all back issues of the journal.

Student Member:
The annual subscription for Student Members (including a subscription to TRI) is € 25.
The annual subscription for Student Members without TRI is € 15

Please click here for a list of countries qualifying as Band B (low-income and lower-middle-income countries as classified by the World Bank).